Barcelona Property Market Statistics

September 2017

The average price of second hand houses in the Barcelona Capital area is 4.232€/sqm in September 2017, this price corresponds to first quarter 2005 prices.
The accumulated fall in value since the maximum price in June 2007 is -20%, when the price stood at 5.291 € sqm.

Up to September 2017 there has been a positive variation of 8,8%, this data strengthens the recovery that we have been watching four year in a row.

The trend in the last 12 months has been positive as the prices has been increasing steadily.
In our view this trend is explained by the correction upward of the macroeconomic variables that is leading to a growth of the economy and the opening of the mortgage financing to individuals.
Average prices in Barcelona have broken the barrier of 4,200€ sqm

In September 2017, there are three districts with prices around 5,000 sqm; Sarriá- Sant Gervasi, Les Corts and Example. Gracia, Sant Marti and Ciutat Vella have broken the barrier of 4.000 € sqm

Most districts have experienced important price increases during the year.

All districts present important growths during the past 12 months.


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