The Exclusive Buyer Agent: the best way to purchase a property in Barcelona

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The Exclusive Buyer Agent is a professional who provides a complete and personalized service to real estate buyers or investors positioned on their behalf and working exclusively for their interests; finding the properties that best fit their needs.

This service has been successful in the Anglo-Saxon countries for many years; however it is a very innovative approach in Spain as the Exclusive Buyer Agent only represents the buyer, not the seller, unlike traditional real estate agencies.

The Exclusive Buyer Agent does not have a portfolio of properties to sale and therefore does not have any interest in any property in particular, offering only properties that best meets the buyer’s needs.

The working process is very simple; first an initial meeting is organized in order to understand the client’s desired property, then the Exclusive Buyer Agent start searching for properties that best fit the client´s requirements, selecting the best options and preparing reports of each visited property. Once the client has selected the properties he wants to see, the Exclusive Buyer Agent will coordinate the visits of the selected properties with the customer. The Exclusive Buyer Agent will negotiate with the property seller on behalf of his client, providing technical, financial and legal advices throughout the entire purchase process, until the day of the deed signature at the notary.

The Exclusive Buyer Agent and the real estate agencies work along very well, as they collaborate to find the properties that best match the client´s requirements; the relationship between them being extremely professional. The Exclusive Buyer Agent does not share any commission with the real estate agencies as he only gets paid by the buyer, who is always a solvent client with a clear intention to purchase and the agencies are well aware of that, therefore their willingness to collaborate with the Exclusive Buyer Agent is strong.

The benefits of this service are clear; not only the client save time and money, but also will acquire the property at the best price and conditions possible, being advised throughout the entire purchase process by a professional who only defends his interests.

In short, it is a property finder service, on-demand and customized to each client.


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Iñaki Unsain es el fundador y CEO de ACV Gestión Inmobiliaria, empresa que ofrece servicios inmobiliarios, centrados principalmente en la búsqueda de vivienda en Barcelona, compra de activos de inversión posicionándose y defendiendo, de forma exclusiva, los intereses de su cliente comprador.
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